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Orb One

Coffee Maker


Orb One is a unique, single-portion stovetop coffeemaker that offers the flexibility to change the coffee type by simply changing your grind.

From the crispness of a pour-over to espresso’s lushness and intensity, Orb One brews any style without compromising presentation, richness, or flavor.


Orb One is a bit like a traditional stovetop moka pot, only better:

  • Works beautifully on gas burners, electric stoves, induction and even a camping stoves.
  • Unique design prevents over-extraction or burnt-tasting coffee.
  • Precision-engineered stainless steel "shower head" regulates brew water to the perfect temperature.
  • Laser-drilled filter controls water flow with unrivaled consistency.
  • Designed to help you easily control "the three T's" (temperature, turbulence, and time) so you can brew your coffee exactly how you like it.

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