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Orb One

A BEAUTIFUL Stovetop Coffee Maker

"...truly a REVOLUTIONARY home coffee brew method..."

– Rosamund and Sadry-Alexandre, founders of Café Mokxa, Lyon

" INSPIRING, FRESH look on what coffee can be..."

– Aaron Campos & Jess Diaz, Dark Matter Coffee

Reimagine your morning.

Orb One is a unique, single-portion stovetop coffeemaker that offers the flexibility to change the coffee type by simply changing your grind.

From the crispness of a pour-over to espresso’s lushness and intensity, Orb One brews any style without compromising presentation, richness, or flavor.

Questions we get asked a lot about this:

Awesome everywhere.

Orb One is a bit like a traditional stovetop moka pot, only better.

Efficiently-proportioned, Orb One works beautifully on gas burners, electric stoves, induction, ceramic plates or even a camping stoves.

Never bitter,

never better.

Orb One's unique design prevents over-extraction or burnt-tasting coffee.

A solid stainless steel "shower head" - manufactured with a unique high-precision process - regulates brew water to the perfect temperature, while a laser-drilled filter controls water flow with unrivaled consistency.

The result? A perfect infusion every time.

Design worth waiting for.

Orb One is the end result of years of research and prototyping, plenty of failures, and some serious coffee jitters along the way.

Brewing the perfect coffee every time requires careful control of the "three Ts": Temperature, Turbulence, and Time.

Orb One is designed to help you nail these every time, with simple adjustments so you can make your coffee exactly how you like it.