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The Up Collection

New from Crucial Detail!

Great cocktails deserve great glasses.

Serve everything from Martinis to Negronis in style with these four exquisitely-designed glassware profiles.

Each form has been carefully crafted to have perfect balance and delightful tactility when filled with your favorite beverage. Crafted to exacting standards by a centuries-old glassblowing workshop in Europe, each piece of this collection is impossibly perfect, delicate, and elegant.


The Coupe

Wide, shallow bowl that's excellent for aromatic Daiquiris, Sours, or Margaritas

The Martini

Reimagined profile that's fun to hold. Perfect for Cosmos, Vespers, or - of course - a Martini

The Highball

Tall, narrow profile preserves carbonation. Ideal for bubbly beverages - Palomas, Shandies or Highballs

The Manhattan

Round, deep bowl designed for aged spirits or higher-proof cocktails: the Negroni, the Martinez, the Manhattan