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Mocha Liqueur

Mocha Liqueur

The Mocha Liqueur infusion was part of our exploration to showcase vodka's versatility in the Porthole infuser. This is a simple and rewarding infusion to make. Once the infusion is underway, a pronounced evolution of flavor can be experienced throughout the course of its long life. This is a very stimulating infusion - consider decaf coffee for an equally delicious liqueur that won't keep you awake at night. Mocha Liqueur can be used to create classic coffee cocktails from scratch, as an addition to hot beverages, or as an ice cream topping. Enjoy!

Inside the Porthole:

  • 110g (4oz) Coffee Beans
  • 6g (0.2 oz) Cocoa Nibs
  • 90g (3oz) Sugar
  • 1 Vanilla Bean, split lengthwise
  • 1 Cinnamon Stick, split
  • Few Orange Zest Strips, pith completely removed (pith will impart bitterness).

Liquid to be added:

  • Vodka (8-10oz)


Arrange infusion ingredients in the Porthole.
Close the Porthole, checking the seal for good contact on both sides.
Pour Vodka into the assembled Porthole through the spout until almost full, leaving space at the top for coffee beans to expand.
Allow infusion to settle for 1 day before inserting a stopper. Coffee beans slightly expand and CO2 is released during the initial stages of the infusion. Leaving stopper out allows gases to escape.
Shaking lightly will loosen coffee beans lodged against each other as they expand.
Best if infused at least 3 weeks, periodically toggling the Porthole. Can be infused up to two months.

Serving Suggestions:

Build classics such as White Russian, Black Russian, Mind Eraser, or Espresso Martini.
Spike up your favorite coffee drink.
Pour over ice cream or pie.
Sip served over ice.


  • Sugar can be reduced to 45-60g or shorter infusion time and lower sweetness. Less sugar will also lower the viscosity of the infusion.
  • For those sensitive to caffeine, decaffeinated coffee beans will result in a delicious infusion with less stimulation.

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