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Harvest Apple Tarragon Shrub

Harvest Apple Tarragon Shrub

Shrubs are vinegar based infused drinking syrups used in cocktails and soft drinks. Of course, we had to give them a spin in the Porthole infuser. We tried several types with our harvest herbs: some for dressings and some for a refreshing treat when diluted with sparkling water. This recipe offers a quick start to the world of shrubs.

Inside the Porthole:

  • 1 Apple, washed and cut into thin slices
  • Handful fresh Tarragon sprigs, washed

Liquid to be added:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Arrange tarragon and apple slices in the porthole cavity. For faster infusion, pack the Porthole more densely.
Close the Porthole and check for a good seal.
Fill the Porthole with apple cider vinegar.
Infuse for an hour and up to several days. Note that apple will discolor over time. For infusions longer than several hours, insert stopper to prevent oxidation.

To Serve:

Add a light splash of the infused vinegar to glass and fill with sparkling water to your taste. Sweeten with syrup if desired.
For an additional spin, try reducing the infusion.

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photos by Lara Kastner Photography

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